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Matt Willis

Matt Willis

My name is Matthew Willis. I’m a general contractor – licensed 7+ years. I’m actually a carpenter by trade, so there’s really nothing on a home I can’t fix.

My company specializes in bathrooms, kitchens and additions. We cater to people who have high standards, and we cater to people who expect a high-quality job for a reasonable price.


“These are the secrets questions you ask your contractor– this is the inside stuff. You can’t come up with this. Only a contractor can come up with this stuff. This is the stuff that contractors either don’t want to be asked or- they do want to be asked!

Frequently Asked Question #1: How long will the job take?

It’s going to depend on your job. Bathrooms typically take between six days and a month.

A Kitchen:

Typically, a kitchen will last at least three weeks. Usually, there’s a couple days in between when you can actually install the cabinets and put the countertop on. That’s the only time that can be different between three and seven days. So you’re looking at about three weeks to a month for a typical kitchen.

An Addition:

It completely depends on the size of the addition. Most additions are gonna take between two months and six months. You could pretty much build a new house within six or seven months, so it shouldn’t take longer than that.


A couple of days. Other common jobs that we have—


Two to three days. Most small projects are gonna to be two to three days depending on the punch list.”

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